Potboiler is a community podcast network. We’re a step backwards into the future with our vintage, so hip audio format.

Potboiler was started in March, 2011. Looking around, we saw that the world was changing the way it consumed media – specifically that the world liked podcasting. With a small budget and huge hearts we launched a podcast network that finally got approved in January of 2012. We call that, ladies and gents, dedication.

We make our shows available on our site and through iTunes.

Potboiler shows enjoy the luxury of free speech, existing on your iPod and browser without the complications of FCC regulated airwaves. That means we have artistic freedom when dealing with sensitive topics and language. Pretty great, right?

At this time Potboiler does not take advertisers or underwriting.

Potboiler makes use of VCU’s local talent with student creators, hosts and personalities. We’re open to any and all persons looking to get involved, so long as you have some relation to the university.

The Potboiler Podcast Network is the nations first university-based podcast network.

We would like to give a massive shout-out and thank you to WVCW, VCU’s student radio station, for allowing us to use their equipment and it’s staff to get started.

To become involved with Potboiler, please e-mail [email protected] with the subject “Getting Involved.”